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With his eco-conscious debut album ‘Silent Spring’ (2019), Henry Parker laid down a new sound for modern folk music, drawing deep from the well of the sixties and seventies revival. His style is a clear joining of the past and the present, a unique voice in the folk world that echoes with sounds of the tradition, whilst venturing beyond, into the realms of folk-rock and psych.

A devoted guitarist since childhood, Henry Parker’s musical roots go back to a self appointed upbringing in rock and heavy metal, yet, at the age of 20, paths were taken that led him adrift. Soon enthralled by the ethereal playing of Bert Jansch and Nick Drake; finger-picking and open tunings rapidly became the essence of his sound. Coupled with a love for his immediate moorland surroundings of West Yorkshire, we are presented with a strain of informed, progressive folk music found nowhere else.

Having spent the past 5 years playing headline concerts and supporting many of his musical heroes, including Michael Chapman, Wizz Jones and Bridget St John, Henry Parker’s 2nd album, ‘Lammas Fair’, released at the end of 2021, brings him to the forefront of the progressive folk music world.

Heralded across the music press as an essential album, it is this latest release that has seen Parker emerge as a respected artist in the worlds of folk-rock, psych and traditional music.

“His relaxed vocals and songwriting are as warm and open as his tunings” 8/10 Uncut Magazine

What Parker does so effectively is to blend ancient with early-70’s and modern styles” Mojo ★★★★

“Original material and traditional songs create an immersive and mellifluous world in which both the peace and isolation of nature are unfurled evoked through subtle arrangements” Prog Magazine

“Focussing on the seasons is an eternal feature of English folk music and the tradition is well tended here.” Shindig! ★★★★

Channelling the ghosts of Jansch and Renbourn through his fingertips, the fluid playing and emotive singing of Yorkshire-born Henry Parker evokes the spirit of the early-60’s folk revival as if it were yesterday.” RnR Magazine ★★★★★

We can look forward to more from this impressive young talent who is both steeped in and helping to continue the English Folk Revival” Folk London

“Precision guitar playing…effortless use of loop pedals, nice to see an unsigned folk musician playing to such a high level” FATEA

“A really excellent young guitarist/ songwriter” – Steve Tilston

Photo credit: Katie Spencer (colour) Toby Hay (black & white)

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